Rock climbing is an increasingly popular sport these days. Many sport centres have a climbing wall. The reason it has seen such huge success is how accessible it is to people of all abilities and age groups. The UK also has plenty of natural locations where you can go rock climbing - including the Lake District, the Peak District and the many mountainous regions of Scotland and north England.

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Welcome to rock climbing

This website is all about climbing – rock climbing, mountain climbing, tree climbing and much more.

We’re particularly excited about recreational tree climbing which is a whole new way of tree climbing. Often known as technical tree climbing, it incorporates using a rope and harness, climbers are secured in and on a rope always. Unlike free climbing, which many of us did as kids, this system enables us to climb bigger trees even higher and much more safely. Lots of children aren’t able to climb trees anymore, so adults and children climb together and have fun in a secure manner.

Tree climbing internationally

Recreational tree climbing is still a sport in its early days in the United Kingdom, but it has really taken off in countries such as the USA and Japan.

We are one of the first organizations in Somerset to offer recreational tree climbing to the public. There are only a few other organizations in the UK which are able to do tree climbing.

Group tree climbing

Our climbing group offers tree climbing to many ages. Adults and kids enjoy it just as much as each other. We offer tree climbing to people on their own or to small groups (up to twenty) such as stag/hen do’s, birthday parties, families or large groups (20-40) for corporate events, camps, university groups, schools and festivals. We will also partake in events around Cornwall and the rest of the United Kingdom. We also offer tree camping in tree hammocks for an exciting experience – not only climbing the tree but sleeping in it too. Have a look at costs and links to tree camping websites for further info. We have various sites where we can climb around Somerset or if you have a suitable tree we can visit you.

Tree top camping consists of the use of tree boats which are hammocks with four corners suspended very securely up in the tree. Tree boats are particularly designed for tree climbers so are very secure and cosy. The climber is secured at all times by rope and harness.